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Museum & gallery exhibitions, public commissions, art fairs and festivals. Click an item for more details.
Maelstrom Age of Terror Empathy and Risk: Three Mirrors and a Wall Peckham Platform Retrospective Buffet d'Art (London) Mirror III: Horizon SEEING Buffet d'Art (Berlin) Pilot 1 Trauma ISEA 2015 - The Ostrich Effect Terminus At the Sharp End of Bluntness Politics of Amnesia II Shock and Awe Code Yellow The Ostrich Experiments Artraker Award Exhibition Engines of War Saving Lives: Frontline Medicine in a Century of Conflict Tatton Park Biennial: Flights of Fancy Monsters of the Id Other Surfaces Uncontainable : Broken Stillness Dislocations Wake War and Medicine (Canada) SlipStream Hill33 Afghanistan Volta Basel Structurescapes Field Broadcast Shanghype (Chicago) Reversed Images: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture The Making of the New Silk Roads Krieg und Medizin MapGames: Dynamics of Change (Terni) Aesthetic Distance Aqua Art Miami
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