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Individual artworks commissioned by public realm, galleries and alternative spaces. Click an item for more details.
Maelstrom Mirror III (v) The Wall Mirror II (v) Automotivation Babel (v) On England's Pleasant Pastures Seen (v) Mirror I (v) Mazar, Texas (v) The Ostrich Effect (v) In Other Worlds, I Love You Observer Effect 1010 (v) SlipStream (v) Hill33 1-25 An Airman's Ecstasy Gateway Serial Loop (v) For Frank Green Room (v) 9-Liner (v) Theatre (v) Home Front Roadrunner Little Sheep The Debating Society Searchlight (v) The Hackney Flyover Realty : London (v) Model Junction No1 Underworld (v) South Facing Hero (v) Latitude (v) Skylight (v) Macroscope Fresco Field Foreign Body
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