TED : How I Almost Lost My Faith in Photography (v)

TED : How I Almost Lost My Faith in Photography (v)

Event Name: TEDx
Venue/Location: The Crucible, Sheffield
Date: 12th June 2012
Chair/Other Speakers:
Chairs: Herb Kim & Chris Dymond, Speakers: Cathy Fitzgerald, Fi Glover, Tony Phillips, Chella Quint, Erica Packington, Giuseppe Battaglia, James Jefferies & Leila Johnston, Marco Viceconti and Mark Atkin

At TEDx events, a screening of TEDTalks videos -- or a combination of live presenters and TEDTalks videos -- sparks deep conversation and connections. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

In an abridged and updated version of a narrative previously presented at the Wellcome Collection and other venues, David used this opportunity to reflect on the shift of perspective gained through his visit to Afghanistan and his later artwork.

This is also available in HD on Vimeo.

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