War and Medicine (2008)

War and Medicine (2008)

Writer: Ken Arnold, Klaus Vogel, James Peto, David Cotterrell & Others
Editor: Melissa Larner, James Peto, Nadine Monem

Publisher: Black Dog Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 906155 520
Pages: 256 (Colour)

This richly ilustrated book is published to coincide with exhibition War and Medicine, organised by Wellcome Collection, London, in collaboration with the Deutches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden. It explores the complex and fascinating relationship between war and medicine, and the ways in which they have influenced each other throughout the modern period. As civilisations develop more sophisticated and destructuve technologies with which to wage war, medicine evolves to meet the needs of resulting casualties with which to wage war, medicine and social policy. War and Medicine charts this complex process, and the ethical, political and personal issues raised.

Beginning with an analysis of the impact of the Crimean War on public health, and culminating in an assessment of likely future developments, in the treatment of battle casualties, War and Medicine brings together very different voices and approaches to the subject. It interweaves the arguments of a range of distinguished academics and historians with the moving persnal accounts of those with first-hand experience of trauma and its treatment during conflict. From the sometimes counterintuitive and ethically challenging principles of triage, to the recent arguments over whether and how post-traumatic stress can be clinically diagnosed, it reveals how humankind's desire to repair and heal has tried, and varying degrees of success, to keep pace with its capacity to maim and kill. The result is an engrossing history of war and medicine in the modern era.

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