Code Yellow - 28.03.14

Code Yellow - 28.03.14

Date: 28th March 2014

David will be showing the new immersive installation work, Mazar, Texas in the exhibition, Code Yellow. Co-produced with the artist/curator Laray Polk.

A curatorial exercise exploring systems of real and perceived warnings, Code Yellow involves six curators from various fields (art, journalism, network analysis, social activism) investigating issues of vulnerability, struggle and crisis. Works in the exhibition use humor, irony, empathy, direct or indirect action, data, graphic depiction, media manipulation, and social engagement to convey the various means humans express societal dilemma and moral anxiety.

Artist & Curators:

Kael Alford: Perceived Threat: The Texas Survivalists – Spike Johnson; Optic Nerve – by the women of Resolana, a program of Volunteers of America Texas. co-curated by Jennifer McNabb.

Mona Kasra: NØTABLE SELFLES$$ AFFECT – Andrew Blanton

Greg Metz: Caveat Emptor – curated selections by Kayla Escobedo, Trenton Doyle HancockGary Panter, Marian Henley and Mike Presley

Laray Polk: Mazar, Texas – David Cotterrell

Max Schich: Creepy Figures – Didier Sornette

Janeil Engelstad: Zone of Resistance – Tomáš Rafa, Rudolf Sikora, Václav Vašk┼» and Jana ┼Żelibská

Location & Dates:

March 28 – April 26 at UTD Main Gallery
800 W. Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080
Reception: March 28, 6:30–8:30 p.m.

April 12 – May 17 at CentralTrak,
800 Exposition Avenue, Dallas.
Reception: April 12, 6:30–10 p.m.

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