David Cotterrell and Dr David Dibosa : Artist Talk (v)

David Cotterrell and Dr David Dibosa : Artist Talk (v)

Event Name: SlipStream
Venue/Location: Peckham Space
Date: 9th July 2011
Supporting Organisation(s):
University of the Arts

Chair/Other Speakers:
David Dibosa

An in conversation event to accompany the exhibition Slipstream

Slipstream was the fourth commissioned exhibition in Peckham Space's new venue on Peckham Square. London. This specially commissioned film from artist David Cotterrell maps social, geographical and personal histories of North Peckham, taking North Peckham residents’ narratives of how their landscape has changed over the last 30 years as its starting point.

This video by Gordon Beswick documents the launch event and artist talk, during which artist David Cotterrell discussed his commissioned artwork with Dr David Dibosa, Course Director, MA Art Theory, Chelsea College of Art and Design. This talk explored how the artist has addressed the theme of identity and how Slipstream has worked with the parallel narratives of local residents.


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