This is London : Diversion

This is London : Diversion

Publication Title: This is London
Writer: Author not known
Publication Date: 31st May 2002

Danielle Arnaud contemporary art is presenting an exhibition entitled Diversion at the Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road, SEI. Following their own practice, the 23 artists are showing new work drawing from the contents and commenting on the role and location of the Museum.

David Cotterrell has installed his new video Shangrila [sic] in a vitrine. The work celebrates the suburban 1930s housing, highlighting the creativity, flamboyance and quiet struggle of the owners to assert their identity within the rigidly defined parameters of the mass- produced terraced houses and gardens. The video is accompanied by a new composition by the musician and composer Jim Copperthwaite. The whole installation will serve as an extension to the history of the archetypal English garden.

Lisa Cheung has chosen a selection of epitaphs, found on the surrounding tombs to inscribe on the inside of the museum tea cups, whilst Finlay Taylor has worked on an artists' book together with the common garden snails. Through his patient guidance, the snails have been drawing and writing, their latent presence implied by pulped edges and silvery deposits.

Several artists work with glass and Adam Thompson has designed a series of flags depicting extinct flowers.

Author not known

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