Jump - 07.07.23 - 06.08.23

Jump - 07.07.23 - 06.08.23

Date: 7th July 2023

David's video work, 'Babel' is being presented in Los Angeles as part of the Pastor Projects exhibition, 'Jump'.

The exhibition takes place in the iconic El Nopal Press studio and venue in the downtown area of the city. The show incorporates an experimental format and explores the power struggle between artists and ai in claiming authorship, subjectivity and critical agency.

The features the work of Bedwyr Williams, Lindsay Seers, David Cotterrell, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Tessa Garland & Adam Chodzko and is curated by Thomas Vann Altheimer and hosted by Francesco Siqueiros

Opening Event : Friday, 7th July 2023 : 6pm (PST)

Location : El Nopal Press, 109 W 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

Opening Hours : Daily, 7pm - Midnight (PST), until 6th August, 2023

Further Information : For more information and materials please contact Thomas Vann Altheimer (Pastor Projects)


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