Wunderkammern - 17.05.23 - 26.11.23

Wunderkammern - 17.05.23 - 26.11.23

Date: 17th May 2023

To coincide with this year Architectural Biennale, David is presenting a series of impossible assemblages of artefacts, vignettes and insects questioning the appropriation of culture and the trade in knowledge and power at Danielle Arnaud gallery, Venice. Using three auto-stereoscopic screens and projectors, David will exhibit his latest experiments in holographic illusion and shadow projection imagining the virtual repatriation of artefacts.

This presentation is part of an on-going programme of independent projects highlighting recent and new work by the gallery artists. If you are in Venice from 17 to 21 May, please contact Danielle Arnaud at danielle@daniellearnaud.com to join the artist for conversations, aperitifs, lunches or dinners.

Details : Exhibition staged at Danielle Arnaud Gallery (Venice). Viewing by appointment. For further information, please contact danielle@daniellearnaud.com

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