Ubumuntu - 17.07.20 - 19.07.20

Ubumuntu - 17.07.20 - 19.07.20

Date: 17th July 2020

David & Ru will be contributing to the 6th Ubumuntu Festival of Humanity through the presentation of a new art work – Transmission, and an in-conversation event – COMMONS Dialogues.


David Cotterrell and Ruwanthi de Chickera’s new video production, Transmission will be presented at the main Ubumuntu Festival of Humanity in Kigali, Rwanda this July. Transmission is performed by Christopher Sherwood and Tara Nadun and designed in collaboration with Ian Gouldstone and Malshani Delgahapitiya.

Transmission is a meeting between two strangers in a real or imagined future – where the human race or human contact may well be a thing of the past. A solitary man interrupts his isolation by obsessively searching the internet for someone like him who may also be looking for evidence of humanity. Through a million failed attempts at creating a connection, he remains focussed on the hopefulness of the task that offers him meaning to time and life.

The short film Transmission follows a solitary man’s occupation of an ambiguous space as he tries to engage beyond his own world and begins to fear what he might find if he is successful.

COMMONS Dialogues

The COMMONS Dialogues – the 5th in the ER Dialogue series will be featured as a live session in the UN CONFERENCE section of the Ubumuntu Festival.

Drawing inspiration from the 6th Ubumuntu Festival theme of “Breathe” the COMMONS Dialogues will explore the literal and metaphorical reach of the concept of ‘Global Commons’ (defined as the deep sea, sky, space and the internet) – the earth’s shared natural resources, accessible to all, too valuable or vast to be owned by any single State or market force.

The COMMONS Dialogues will interpret and expand the concept of the Global Commons to explore the limits and definitions of the “shared” human experience and resources against the backdrop of the Global Pandemic. How are these concepts and values being re-defined by individuals, communities, governments and pan global entities? The COMMONS Dialogues will feature David Cotterrell in conversation with Senior Fellow at The Institute of Policy Analysis and Research, Lawyer and Author, Gatete Ruhumuliza Nyiringabo.


The conference and festival is being held online this year. Registration is free and via the link: https://whova.com/portal/registration/ubumu_202007

  • The panel discussion is taking place on Friday 17.07.20 at 16:39 UK time
  • The film is being broadcast on Sunday 19.07.20 at 14:29 UK time.



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