Ubumuntu - 13.07.19

Ubumuntu - 13.07.19

Date: 13th July 2019

David and Ru will be presenting their new production, Mother Wall, at the Ubumuntu Festival of Humanity in Kigali, Rwanda this weekend. The play is a collaboration with the actors Nadie Kammallaweera and Akalanka Prabharshawa from Stages, the visual artist, Ian Gouldstone and the composer Ranil Goonawardena. The project is developed with support from Piumi Wijesundara and Nipuni Sharadha. 

The production charts the obscelescence of a great fortification, the decay of the ideology that provoked its manifestation and the disillusionment of its defenders. Mother Wall follows last year’s production, Thought Curfew, as the second part of a visual and performing art trilogy allegorically considering constructs of division and fear.

The project has been produced by Empathy & Risk and realised with support from the Global Challenge Research Fund and Sheffield Hallam University’s Art and Design Research Centre.


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