Other Surfaces - 12.01.12

Other Surfaces - 12.01.12

Date: 12th January 2012

David's work, Hero, will be shown in the exhibition Other Surfaces, curated by Rebecca Geldard at the Poppy Sebire Gallery

The artists participating in ‘Other Surfaces’, a single-projection show-reel of short films and videos, are essentially known for materially hands-on approaches to making. While there are some obvious points of connection -- few appear concerned with the conventions of the medium -- it’s unlikely these artists would ever be shown together as a group of object and mark makers. Yet, however diverse each individual line of enquiry, all use video as a research tool as much as a recording device: a means of finding other ways around the issues of representing ideas with things. This exhibition, sat somewhere between the screening and the group show, offers a quiet space in which to consider what these artists do, both behind and life-side of the lens.

Exhibiting artists include: Vanessa Billy, Lloyd Corporation, David Cotterrell, Tom Dale, Clare Goodwin & Paul Harper, Lee Maelzer, Sam Porritt, Magali Reus and John Strutton.

Private View: Thursday 12th January, 2012, screened twice between 6.30 and 8.30pm

Exhibition Dates: 13 January - 11 February 2012

Additional Screening Event: Wednesday, 1st February, screening at 7.30pm

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Poppy Sebire Gallery
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Tuesday – Saturday 10am- 6pm or by appointment

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