Forest of Dean Sculpture: Planning permission granted!

Forest of Dean Sculpture: Planning permission granted!

Date: 21st July 2010

The planning application for the proposed new work, Hill33, was granted today. 

David is intrigued by the ex-industrial landscape of the Forest of Dean, seeing it as “one of choreographed and manipulated tranquillity and contemplation.” On his appointment he said, “I would like to investigate construction techniques, which could provide a structural addition designed to be readily appropriated by the forest environment and a platform to consider the contradictions between human manipulation of landscape and the natural passage of time.”

David began his research in the Forest of Dean in 2009, having just returned from living at Camp Bastion as a war artist. The camp is surrounded and protected by HESCO Concertainer units (a form of gabion structure) and their industrial presence echoed in his thoughts as he met people in the Dean. Here he heard stories of how Nelson commanded the oaks to be planted; how the remnants of war had been put down redundant mine shafts; and how freemining rights are a legacy of service during conflict. These thoughts informed his research for this significant new sculpture.

Hill33 is the outcome of that research and is set to be a challenging and intriguing addition to the works on the Trail. Hill33 is a poetic sculpture, which is at once in the landscape and made of the landscape. It will be created by the manipulation of existing materials, filled with local coal spoil and topped up by soil from the site itself. Taking the form of a pyramid, it has been designed to evoke a sense of wonder, nestling in the woodland and reaching up to the trees that surround and partially conceal it, appearing as an enigmatic folly in the wood. 

David is planning to launch Hill33 in Autumn 2010.


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