Field Broadcast - 08.05.10

Field Broadcast - 08.05.10

Date: 8th May 2010

33 Artists will send live broadcasts from fields direct to your desktop. All works, whether video, animation, performance, sculpture or live data will be created in the field with no editing or post production. Each broadcast will be viewed by a dispersed international audience, at office desks, in cafes, on trains and at kitchen tables. 

To receive the field broadcasts visit and click on 'download viewer' and follow the instructions. Once you have installed the viewer application, each broadcast will arrive directly through your internet connection, opening in a pop-up window.

Field broadcast will be live for 24 hours a day from May 8th to May 16th. Times of individual broadcasts will not be published in advance. All broadcasts are live and will not be repeated.

Broadcasts from: Bram Thomas Arnold, Ed Atkins, Dave Ball and Oliver Walker, Christopher Bassford and Jonathan Ryall, Richard Bevan, Sara Bjarland, Martin John Callanan, Susan Collins, Dan Coopey, Alexander Costello, David Cotterrell, Michael Cousin, Juan Cruz, Sean Edwards, Simon Faithfull, Florencia Guillen, Hamilton, Southern and St Armand, Toby Huddlestone and Sarah Jane Parton, Fritha Jenkins, David Kefford, Olivier Leger, Pernille Leggat Ramfelt, Neil Luck, Revati Mann, Elizabeth McTernan, Alex Pearl, Eric Rosoman, Jennie Savage, Rob Smith, Dan Walwin, Ian Whittlesea, Luke Williams, Laura Wilson

Field Broadcast is presented as part of Wysing Arts Contemporary Presents, a Field Broadcast bell will ring in Wysing’s gallery to mark the start of each new broadcast and there will be a special live screening at Wysing on the 16 May, for further details visit

Field Broadcast is curated by Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith. PROJECKT was established on the 1 January 2009. Through curatorial experimentation it provides new and innovative contexts for contemporary artists and practices.

For further information please contact / Tel: 07719 976830

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