Help with this website Part4 : Other Pages and Functions

Help with this website Part4 : Other Pages and Functions

Date: 1st January 2008

The Help pages consist of a few short videos (see right) and you can either view them in order by clicking 'Next...' (below) or jump to a video by using the links at the bottom of this text.

Part 4 : 'Other Pages and Functions'

Downloads - The site also contains a growing archive of downloadable documents and media. Reports, Reviews, Interviews and Transcripts can be accessed in the ‘Downloads’ section. As with other indexes you can view the items by text summary or thumbnails.

The details pages for Downloads function in the same way as other details pages except that clicking the image in the right pane will automatically open or download the attached document.

Search - The content of the site is indexed and a plaintext search will produce a list of items from all sections of the website. Eg. If you type the word ‘Afghanistan’ you will be offered an index of works, shows, publications and downloads related to this topic.

The web-address of the generated search result is unique and can be emailed to others if you wish to refer to this subset of information.

Contact - The contact section provides details of phone and email contacts for visitors from varying countries. It also allows you to subscribe to future occasional bulletins about shows, events and publications. You can also choose to hear about updates by subscribing to the RSS news feed or the Twitter updates (links on contact and home pages).


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