Help with this website Part3 : Detail Pages

Help with this website Part3 : Detail Pages

Date: 1st January 2008

The Help pages consist of a few short videos (see right) and you can either view them in order by clicking 'Next...' (below) or jump to a video by using the links at the bottom of this text.

Part 3 : 'Detail Pages'

Once you have selected an item from any index you will navigate to a detail page. Regardless of section the controls and buttons are similar.

Basic information is offered in the header section, with a narrative explanation in the left pane. The right pane is used for displaying still and video-based documentation. If there is more than one image/video thumbnails will appear below the pane you can either click the thumbnail to view the full-size image or click the main image to automatically progress to the next one in the series.

If there is video documentation available a triangle will be displayed as one of the thumbnails. Click this to view an embedded Vimeo or YouTube video within the pane.

The most powerful feature of the details page is the ‘Links’ tab. Click the chain link thumbnail to the left of the text pane (beneath the ‘T’) to view a complete set of direct links to other related material within the site. For example from the ‘Becks Futures 2002’ exhibition detail page you will find links to the work ‘Borrowed Time’ featured within the exhibition and the publication produced to document the show.

All detail pages have the ability to generate a printable pdf of the displayed content. This can be accessed by clicking the small ‘document’ icon in the lower right corner of the right pane


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