Help with this website Part2 : Index Pages

Help with this website Part2 : Index Pages

Date: 1st January 2008

The Help pages consist of a few short videos (see right) and you can either view them in order by clicking 'Next...' (below) or jump to a video by using the links at the bottom of this text.

Part 2 : Index Pages

In Icon view items will generally be displayed in reverse chronological order (ie most recent first). You can switch to A-Z view by clicking the ‘A-Z’ link within the header text. If there are more than 40 items within the index you can advance to a the next page by clicking the ‘->’ symbol displayed beneath the Icon grid or to the right of the Icon grid.

Rolling over an Icon displays the thumbnail in colour, displays the name of the Item within the lower information bar (and within a ‘tooltip’ if the mouse is paused above the icon.)

A more selective index may be displayed by clicking one of the Filter Icons in the bottom right of the screen (eg Within the Projects Index, you can choose to view only Projects in Galleries / Public Realm or Proposals). To view the entire index again, simply click the filter once again.

You can toggle between ‘List’ and ‘Icon’ view using the button to the far right of the filters.


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