Method - Cultural Leadership Programme - 19.05.09

Method - Cultural Leadership Programme - 19.05.09

Date: 19th May 2009

David has been selected to be included in the pilot artists’ development programme, Method.

Supported exclusively by the Cultural Leadership Programme, Method focuses its agenda on the development of 21 independent leaders in the cultural and creative industries in the UK, offering participants leadership learning in the context of their own place of work.

The Cultural Leadership Programme (CLP) was set up to address a significant historical under-investment, when compared to other sectors, in the professional development of people operating in the creative and cultural sector. The work of the programme is diverse, exploring a wide variety of approaches to and understanding around what effective leadership means in a diverse and fast-changing set of contexts, and drawing upon relevant models, expertise and thinking. 

It proposes to define and determine new ways of supporting individual artists and practitioners who are seeking to develop their leadership skills and behaviour, exploring how artists might organise themselves to influence through their own practice, often beyond organisational settings. 

The programme is being delivered by Solar Associates and will take place over the next four months.

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Method - Cultural Leadership Programme