David Cotterrell : Ashford's Future Final Report

David Cotterrell : Ashford's Future Final Report

Date: 30th May 2006
Copyright Status: © David Cotterrell

This report was never published and represented a personal attempt to rationalise my experiences as artist in residence to a strategic masterplanning process. Written in 2006, before the delivery of the Masterplan had begun, the text represents a subjective cathartic attempt to consider an immersive, challenging and exploratory residency.


In Ashford, as a pedestrian, the landscape appears to have been defined by the dreams of a car-driver, who lives 15 miles outside the town, is forced to work there and has had a few bad months of being late for the office due to congestion. It is an uncompromising, unashamed and irresponsible tribute to the worst excesses of the car lobby. Like a miniature 1970’s Birmingham, the fast dual-carriages and roundabouts of Ashford served to mock its detail, heritage, culture and complexity.

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