David Cotterrell : cb1 Public Art Strategy

David Cotterrell : cb1 Public Art Strategy

Date: 30th November 2007
Copyright Status: © Ashwell Plc, The Artists and Authors

A downloadable pdf version of a public art strategy developed as an integral component of a major development within Cambridge.

This report was commissioned by Ashwell Plc and is submitted in support of an outline planning application for the comprehensive redevelopment of the cb1 area, of Cambridge, incorporating 198 market units, 133 affordable units and 1,250 student units, 74,778 sq.m of commercial space, along with a new transport interchange, a multi-storey cycle and car park, and significant additions to the public open space provision of the area.

This strategy seeks to take advantage of the scope, scale and time-scale of the development programme to re-consider the way in which public art is generated. cb1 aspires to provide a critical and exploratory context for the creation, interrogation and dissemination of artistic public practice, which will inform the development itself as well as providing an intellectual resource for the region and an important national precedent.

This document was developed from the 2005 outline This strategy was developed through a CABE, Arts & Business and PASW Project award. The award supported the appointment of the artist David Cotterrell to work with Ashwell cb1 Limited and the cb1 design teams to investigate potential for artistic impact within the design process and to develop proposals for steering the investment generated through this scheme.

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