Monsters of the Id (2012)

Monsters of the Id (2012)

Writer: Stephen Foster, David Cotterrell, Peter Jenkinson and Helen Sloan
Editor: Helen Sloan & Adrian Hunt

Publisher: John Hansard Gallery
ISBN: 978 0854 329328
Pages: 34 (Colour)

Derived from the artist's journeys to Afghanistan, Monsters of the Id tests our expectations of cinematic and media representation, presenting a series of new works that experiment with advanced display technologies.

Although influenced by Cotterrell's experience of conflict representation and its extreme challenges, the exhibition departs from its direct subject to explore more oblique territory, from our complicit relationship with the screen, to what Cotterrell perceives as the failure of conventional media to offer adequate representational experiences.  

The catalogue includes an introduction from Stephen Foster, Director of John Hansard Gallery; text from the exhibition curator, Helen Sloan, and extracts from a conversation between Cotterrell and Peter Jenkinson OBE, co-creator of Culture+Conflict. 

The catalogue is available to purchase here

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Monsters of the Id