Bloody Reality (2008)

Bloody Reality (2008)

Writer: David Cotterrell
Editor: Charlotte Northedge

Publisher: The Guardian Newspaper
Pages: 4 (Colour)

Article published within The Guardian G2 Supplement on the 25th November, 2008. The photo-essay was included to offer context to the War and Medicine exhibition recently opened at the Wellcome Collection.


Last year, the artist David Cotterrell went to Afghanistan to observe the work of military medical staff at the main field hospital at Camp Bastion. His diary and photographs, now on show in London, are a harrowing reminder of the cost of war.

03/11/07 Leaving Brize Norton
05.25: Waiting in departure lounge of RAF Brize Norton. After wake up call at 04.00, breakfast at 04.30, I have successfully checked in for my C17 transporter flight to Kandahar. I am the only passenger. Dressed in combat trousers, desert boots, body armour and with a 20kg bag as handluggage, I am relieved to be ready and in the right place. [ . . .]

This article is available to download in pdf format here.

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