A Splash of Colour (1999)

A Splash of Colour (1999)

Writer: David Barrett, Kenneth Powell, Raja Khan, Wendy Shillam

Publisher: UrbanEye
ISBN: 190156035X
Pages: 48 (Colour)

Faced with the task of consulting with a diverse community of 55,000 people in East Birmingham, architects and urbanists Shillam + Smith called on the collaboration of six artists. Their role was to create temporary public art that would generate a dialogue with local people about regeneration.

The result - one of the most successful consultation exercises to come out of the government’s regeneration programmes.

This book, made possible by a generous grant from RSA, catalogues the work and contains articles from the point of view of artists, architects, local authority, critics Kenneth Powell and David Barrett and local people. It should be read by anyone who is involved in urban regeneration, public consultation or public art.

Precis in Urdu and Bengali.

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